Getting the Seasons Without the Bitterness


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Being from Florida but having spent enough time up North to experience a spectrum of weather, Tuscaloosa has finally offered me the best of both regions. I’ll admit that going from a Florida “winter” of sunny and 50 degrees to a Massachusetts fall of dreary and 50 degrees, I got my fair share of odd looks when I donned my puffy down coat as soon as it hit 49. I learned eventually, but I must say that the happy medium I found between 18 and dry and 55 and moist cold has been in Tuscaloosa. Granted, we are in that yucky transition stage right now that results in cold mornings, hot in the afternoon, and the sky going from cloudy and depressing to a bright sunshiney day, but soon that transition will be over and the days will settle into a brisk chill with clear skies, bare trees, and golden leaves. We even get our own bit of snow sometimes that makes it seem like we’re getting all the good parts of what can be some vicious weather. To have the seasons without the harshness is a small gift blessed in the south.

The University of Alabama Excels Again

The goal of any University is to show growth, attract top students, and continue to improve and The University of Alabama has done that and more. Apparently we have gotten so good at winning we just can’t keep it on the field! This year’s freshman class at the University of Alabama has surpassed it’s predecessors, once again. As the school grows to 36,000 students so do the academic accomplishments of our new students. Of the 6,856 new freshman 2,100 of them had over a 30 on the ACT and 125 National Merit Scholars. As the UA community grows and achieves, so does the support around them.

Follow Your Gut


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When shopping for a house there are some things that you don’t think of until they’re right in front of you. It’s easy to get caught up in the romanticism of a house without taking into account some of the things that will make actually living there a pleasure. To help prevent this you should start by makings list of deal breakers. There are going to be some things you just can’t live without. This also applies to making sure that it fits your lifestyle. Are you planning on having kids? Do you want space for a barbecue? How much storage will you need?; etc. This will not only make it easier to eliminate houses, but to help you choose if you happen to become torn. The next thing you should look around for is the solidity of the house and take its’ temperature. If a house looks worn down, it probably is and replacing heating and cooling in a house can be expensive. Once you’ve gotten past that it’s good to take a look at the plumbing. Make sure to look past the surface though. Look under cabinets and around pipes for leaks, mold, or any other damage. Of course this is just your first glance at what may be your dream house. Always enlist a professional inspector to ensure that your new home is fit to be lived in.

Pulling Together After Being Torn Apart


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The city of Tuscaloosa was under undo stress last night as a comment made on a sorority’s recruitment video circulated promising a shooting to those who (according to the commenter) looked down upon minorities, specifically targeting the Greek community. As the campus was thrown into panic mode and dorms in lock-down, social media exploded, unfortunately adding fuel to the rumor fire causing a false account of armed men to be investigated. Social media also showed a proliferation of support. From our greatest rivals to our friends from hometowns, prayers and thoughts poured in with the hashtag #prayersforBama. As our campus weathers the uncertainty and waits to see the outcome of the search for the poster of the comment, our community and those beyond have banded together in a show of resilience and support that shows we can handle the situation and will not be downtrodden by those who have lost their way. Roll Tide.

Flu Season Is A’Comin’


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Everyone is always waiting for the next season. In spring you want the warmth of summer, in summer you can’t wait for fall, and once winter hits you want the spring to brighten your days again. We are in the midst of that phenomenon now. As the cool mornings denote the change to come soon everyone is starting to eye their sweaters with greedy intent which will soon lead to sweat paralleled by the height of summer as people dress for cool weather and are boiling by 11 am. The changes of the season also means a change in the air that can bring a wave of the flu, especially through college campuses. To combat this, the University of Alabama is doing free flu shots across campus for students, faculty, and staff. Take advantage now and save yourself the headache (and fever, and fatigue) that comes with getting sick.

The Answer to “I don’t know, you pick.”


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It’s no secret that when you live somewhere for a while you start to find out its’ secrets. So while everyone from out of town knows of DePalma’s, Innisavepubfree, and Buffalo Phil’s few–even those who live here–know of all the gems hidden in the streets of Tuscaloosa. My most recent find that has me excited is the Avenue Pub. Found by one of my more adventurous friends, I had no idea that right next to the Wednesday night Penny Pitchers place and across from my favorite tanning salon, was an adorably hipster-esqe lofted restaurant with rich foods that make your mouth water just reading the menu. They serve “new and traditional American dishes” that will remind you of being at a state fair wearing a ball gown. They’ve jazzed up the favorites for a truly unique dining experience that lures you in with the fresh decor and hooks you for good with the wide menu. Learn more about this up and coming restaurant in downtown Tuscaloosa at

Finally Doing All the Little Things You Meant To


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If you’re selling your house you’ve got a lot of competition on the market and you need to make sure yours stands out. First things first, is getting to all those little projects that you’ve been telling yourself you’d get to. You may have learned to ignore them, but outsiders will not. Here’s some repairs to get you started:

1. Repair sagging screen doors. They’re a must for the south in the buggy season and despite the condition of your house, a broken looking screen can make it look that much more shabby.You want to give the experience of what it would be like to walk through the front door everyday to the buyer and a broken door will make it seem let go and possibly have bigger problems down the road. Inspect the door to see if it can be repaired or has to be replaced. Adding a coat of paint to your front door can go miles, too.

gutters2. Spruce up the roof. Make your house look as unproblematic as possible. Look for bent or overfull gutters, broken pieces, missing or broken shingles, and replace or repair them. Get a professional to clean off your roof of things like branches, moss, or errant leaves. It can give off a feeling of neglect.

3. Clear and caulk your gutters. On a dry day, go up and clean out your gutters so water can flow freely. Also check the ends of them to make sure the caps are sealed. Old caulk can cause leaks that have water going down your siding. Get the surface as dry as possible and caulk inside of the gutter. Make sure you’re using caulk suitable for outdoor conditions like flexible butyl caulk.

These should help get you started on making the outside the first step of a buyer inside!


Buyers Looking for Historic Home In Tuscaloosa or Greensboro


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This little bit of sweetness is looking for a Tudor, Craftsman or Victorian in Tuscaloosa or Greensboro. The client is interested in historic renovation, so it is important that the property has most architectural details still intact.

Help my new buddy find an historic home in Ttown.

Help my new buddy find a home with history in Ttown.


If you have a home that was built before 1940 and are interested in selling in the next year or sooner, contact me! If you know someone who might be selling, please share this information. My flexible buyer would love to set a time to take a look at your historic gem.

A Different Kind of Festival Season

The music festivals may dominate the summer, but the cooler weather calls fdanceror a different fan base than those who don their flower headbands and crop tops. The fall festivals are usually the ones to champion art, culture, food, and awareness. Tuscaloosa has a festival of this breed coming again in October. The Moundville Archeological Park is having their 26th annual Moundville Native American Festival. The four day festival is sure to allow you to experience all of the above as well as a new appreciation for the rich history of Tuscaloosa. With the Grammy-nominated artist GrayHawk Perkins playing with his New Orleans based band are going to create an fun atmosphere of blues, funk, jazz, and rock with tribal rhythms incorporated. There will be demonstrations of traditional dancing, Cherokee stories, and historical displays. The festival will be held from October 8-11.

For more information go to:


Depart From Your Routine!


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The new school year buzz is waning and if you don’t feel that way then good for you! For the rest of us, settling into a new routine can make it seem that nothing is happening anymore. Everyone has heard of a “stay-cation”, the fun way to make being at home not so boring. It can be harder when you live in a small town,history like Tuscaloosa, but not impossible. With the area teeming with history and vigor from the historic district to the new students every semester, making a day that departs from the norm isn’t as hard as it seems! In reference to that history, there are a ton of museums on and around campus for those who want to find out a bit more about their home town. The Alabama Museum of Natural History is located in Tuscaloosa and offers both a new adventure and a family friendly outing! A change of scene doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere!


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