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The University of Alabama’s Head Coach, Nick Saban, will sell his Rabun County, Georgia lake home at luxury auction.  Tuscaloosa News reported this morning. Atlanta Business Journal also ran information. I have been asked why he is selling.  Rabun County is a popular luxury second home market.  The Sabans own two lake homes, so it is probably a wise investment decision to sell one that is in a strong market. Pics below for luxury auction of one of Nick Saban’s lake houses in Georgia.


Update- To give more information, I have seen some comments that “times must be tough for Nick Saban”. Auction is not necessarily a bad thing. For a special or high profile property, it can be a great route and is very common. The auction can be an event itself, a la the Kentucky Derby. If your only experience with an auction is the backwoods or the courthouse steps, consider attending a better event. Really. The chosen auction company is highly reputable and doing a fabulous job, unlike some who seriously put out flyers at gas stations and leave it.