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Preservation staff gave our advisory panel a little preview of the curriculum for historic real estate specialist training. Wow! Comprehensive and relevant are two words that come to mind.  I am so happy that this opportunity will be available online for all Realtors.  We have had a big gap in education for this specialty since The National Trust for Historic Preservation lost its funding for education in 2010.  New training will include a foundation of historic preservation knowledge AND marketing and selling skills that will help real estate professionals successfully advise their clients who are selling or interested in buying historic property.

If you are thinking of selling your home, keep this training in mind and ask your agent about it.  The training is still in the development stage, but we are on our way.  As part of the advisory panel, I’ll be sure to let all of my Realtor friends know when training is available to the public.  Historic homes, properly marketed, average a slightly higher sale price (1-3%) than other homes.  What is historic?  Over 50 years, in general.